Restaurant Management System - eRestoSys

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What is eRestoSys?

eRestoSys is a restaurant POS software specially having Smart Inventory System that helps a restaurant owner to protect his inventory from stealing or misusing. This software is specially designed for restaurant by keeping RESTAURANT NEEDS in mind.


Key Features

Multiple Stores

You can create more than one store. All operation are separated from store to store.

Advance POS Screen

Company Description Company is a 2016 Iowa City-born.

Ingredient manage

Manage your ingredient banse of category and unit with Inventory.


Manage suppliers and suppliers purchase and also due payment.


You can manage unlimited user and assign store with access controle.

Sell Invoice

Print sell invoice bill like a
POS view.

Waste and loss manage

You can manage and track your ingredient and food menu waste. It will auto calculate.


Manage Unlimited resturent expense just like shop rent, electricity bill and more.


You can manage unlimited customer. With basic details.


Apply discount in percentage(%) or amount at time of booking.

Menu Items with category

Manage Unlimited menu items
and category

Table manage

Manage Unlimited table with seat capacity and position.

Note: No customization option.